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Welcome to Malice Gaming

Thank you for your interest in Malice Gaming!

Malice Gaming is looking for mature gamers to join our community. We are a bunch of guys and girls that enjoy gaming. We only ask that people have a fun, respectful attitude towards each other and other gamers. We have UK and US based squads that play constantly. We also operate a professional website that is full of people enjoying the family atmosphere we have. These people have become a family that welcomes others and holds its own.

What separates Malice from the others?

When you join Malice Gaming you are joining a team that strives to be the best at what we do while having as much fun as possible. That's the first and most important thing. You will be welcomed into our community with open arms, and you will be expected to do the same. It is what you do in Malice Gaming that will reap you rewards.

We currently have teams that run Call of Duty and Destiny. We are also looking to expand into other games as they come along, and if the interest is there.

If you have the right stuff, why not try to take it to the next level?

What are the rules and regulations for joining Malice Gaming?

We are looking for mature gamers.
We ask that you are over 18 or very near to it.

You DO NOT need to try out. We accept all skill levels

We DO NOT have a K/D requirement because we will rank that up for you soon enough

We DO expect everyone to be respectful to each other

We expect members to attend at least 2 practice sessions a week. If you can't make it for whatever reason, just let us know. We realize life comes first. If you're Absent Without Leave (AWOL) three times, we will reevaluate your position within Malice Gaming.

Glitching, Hacking, modding, or boosting is NOT allowed. Our skills serve as our voice.

We look forward to having you be a part of our family here at Malice Gaming!

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    Malice Gaming was started by a group of like minded people the wanted to have a family orientated clan.

    I love MeS for this, we are part of a community that looks out for its own, we are there for each other, play games, kick ass and make ******* quit on a regular basis.

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  1. Looking forward to some Taken King tonight !!

  2. Ok so I picked up Destiny, yes I know bit late to the party but, man what a game !! Im gonna need help later tonight if anyone is one, I manged 107 kills before I died last night on story mode, not to bad for first outing.

  3. Exciting times for MeS the new site refrsh will be here soon !!

  4. Looking forward to playing in the FN 4 v 4 tourney today !!

  5. Great seeing new guys coming in for TitanFall !! Well done staff, getting pumped for the 3V3 Ghosts ladder aswell !!